Haven’t you always dreamed of leaving your own tracks in the pure powder snow? Now is your chance, as there are various great skiing options in and around Engelberg. Whoosh down to the valley on broad, unspoiled slopes, and then relax with some delicious Apres ski or a well-earned siesta.

Titlis ski area
82 km of slopes and trails, great snow conditions well into spring, breathtaking Alpine surroundings -three aspects that make the Engelberg-Titlis Ski Area the special place it is.

Brunni ski area
Enjoy 7 kilometers of well-prepared trails and the sunniest slopes for skiing and snowboarding in Central Switzerland in Brunni.
Psst! A little secret: black-marker Schonegg-Piste offers one of the prettiest views of the mountains surrounding Engelberg.

Banalp ski area
The Bannalp has two family-friendly ski lifts for gentle skiing and snowboarding descents. The six blue and one red slope ensure skiing fun for all ages.


Night skiing

During winter season there is night skiing every Friday evening from 6.00 p.m until 9.00 p.m. on the Klostermatte slope. In the Brunni area.

The Restaurant Ox, which was built in 2013, and Restaurant Ristis are both open for this popular activity.


Igloo village

Spend an unforgettable night in the igloo village, 1800 metres above sea level. During your stay, enjoy a a delicious Moitie-Moitie cheese fondue, a nocturnal snow shoe tour, breakfast in the Alpstübli mountain restaurant, and use of the whirlpool.


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You walk through field and forest and leave your traces in fresh snow. After a short climb comes the walk down in swirling snow! Snowshoe walking is a fascinating sport for nature-lovers and sportsmen alike. The quietness on the countryside together with the soft crunching of the snow will enchant you!

Fürenalp area
Duration: 45 mins to 1 hour
Level: easy
The well signed snowshoe trail is 1.5km long and ideal for first timers. The snowshoes and ski sticks can be rented from at the base point. You should bring winter clothes, practical shoes and sun protection with you.

Trübsee area
Duration: 1 hour
Level: easy
Walk over hilly terrain from Obertrübsee (from Untertrübsee via Älplerseil), and soon you’ll reach the highest point, where you can walk along the left bank of lake Trübsee to the Trübsee station.

Brunni area
Duration: 1 hour 30 mins to 2 hours
Level: medium
There are two snowshoe trails in the Brunni region on the sunny side of Engelberg. The two trails with a longitude of about 6 km are surrounded by the countryside and lead through Wildlife sanctuary zones. You will find animals and it will be an unforgettable experience.



The wind in your hair, the snow beneath your sled, and the sun on your face – nowhere is sledding more fun than here in Engelberg!
Try the 3.5 km Sled run in Gerschnialp

Racing down to the valley on the sled is one of the best winter sports experiences, followed by an Älplermagronen for lunch.
Enjoy the 3.5 km sled run that leads you from Gerschnialp (1,300 m above sea level), through the snowy Gerschni forest and down to the Engelberg valley (1,050 m).

Night Sledding
Turn the night into day…with hand-held torches and lamps as you wind your way downhill on a sled. Every Friday and Saturday evening (from Christmas until beginning of March) you can have a romantic sled ride. Afterwards there is a delicious cheese fondue waiting for you at the Chalet from TITLIS Valley Station.

TITLIS – Bergbahnen, Hotels & Gastronomie

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Snowmobiling in the Swiss alps!

The snowXpark is a new and exclusive snowmobile station. It is environment friendly and pollution free. Riding the electric powered snowmobiles is pure fun and adventure.

The electric powered snowmobiles can be rented by individual persons and groups. With special Turtle mode even kids from 12 years on can enjoy.
Well prepared trails on a closed circuit offer lot of fun

Age-restrictions :
Snowmobile over 16 years (persons under 18 need to be accompanied by an adult)
Snowmobiling in the Junior Mode (slower mode) over 12 years


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