Food nourishes the body but Good food nourishes the soul! And who doesn’t enjoy a hearty meal especially when travelling to a new place… Try new flavors, sample new foods. You can experience the culture of the place through its cuisine

No matter what you are looking for… Be it Traditional Swiss cuisine, International flavors or your own Indian ghar ka khana… Switzerland has it all…

Swiss cuisine

Switzerland was historically a country of farmers, so traditional Swiss dishes tend to be simple and made from basic ingredients, such as potatoes and cheese. Swiss cuisine has many regional influences, like French, German and Italian cuisines and also features many dishes specific to Switzerland.

Basic food items in Switzerland include a huge selection of bread, dairy products such as milk, yogurt, butter and – of course – a great variety of the world famous Swiss cheese. Also important are fresh, homegrown vegetables and fruits. Quick salds made from fresh veggies from their garden is a wholesome Swiss meal.
Sausages and meats – mainly veal, beef, pork, chicken or turkey – are served in many different ways: grilled, cooked, sliced or cut served with French fries, rice, potatoes or pasta. Finally, there are a lot of desserts, including chocolates, cakes, meringues, etc.

Swiss cheese

One could quite easily explore Switzerland travelling from cheese dairy to cheese dairy. Each area of the country, each region has its own types of cheese – the diversity of products created from one single base ingredient – good Swiss milk – is quite astonishing!
Some varities of cheese are:
The soft and melting Vacherin cheese from Fribourg.
The aromatic Appenzeller from the Appenzell region of northeast Switzerland
The full-flavoured Sbrinz from Central Switzerland
The Emmentaler, famous for its big holes.
The world-famous Gruyère.

All of these – and their round about 450 other cheese siblings – go into making a fondue, raclette, or the simple cheese platter
Visit the Show Cheese Factory in Engelberg’s Monastery where you can watch cheese being produced by hand. In the shop’s restaurant visitors can enjoy a variety of cheese platters, delicious fondues and several tasty desserts.

Swiss chocolates

“Nine out of ten people like chocolate. The tenth is lying.”

Isn’t it true…? Almost everyone loves chocolate and Switzerland is synonymous with chocolates.
Since the 19th century Switzerland has come to the forefront of chocolate manufacturing worldwide. Swiss chocolatiers have created such delights as truffles, pralines, cakes, and mousses…

Swiss chocolate is great on its own, or with an espresso, a sweet wine, whisky or a Cognac, and on any conceivable occasion.
Some Swiss chocolate brands that you can pick up at the many stores around Engelberg or anywhere in Switzerland are Lindt and Sprüngli, Nestle, Milka, Frey, Toblerone, Favarger, Cailler, Guylian, Ghirardelli, etc.

Must try delicacies on your next visit

Rösti is a potato dish made by frying (or occasionally baking) flat round patties of coarsely grated raw or parboiled (semi-cooked), seasoned potato in oil. They’re crisp on the outside and soft and melting inside. Sometimes bacon, onion, cheese – and even apple – are added to the mix. It was originally eaten as a breakfast by Bern farmers but these days you’ll find it enjoyed all over the world as well as in Switzerland where it’s considered a national dish.

Cheese fondue
Melted cheese with bread cubes. The bread cubes are picked up on the fork and swivelled in the melted cheese, which is served in a traditional ceramic fondue pot called ‘caquelon’. The secret lies in the right mixture of different flavors of cheese. Typically, fondue is served on cold winter days, but many restaurants serve it all year round.

Slices of Raclette cheese are melted in table-top raclette pans or grills, this is accompanied by small potatoes cooked in their skins, vegetables, pickled gerkins & onions, and bread.

There are many types of bread in Switzerland but one of the most popular and delicious is a soft white loaf called zopf. It is a plaited loaf (the word zopf means ‘braid’), with a golden crust. The dough is made and plaited into a braid, then brushed with egg yolk before baking. It’s traditionally eaten on Sunday mornings.

Alplermagronen is a traditional all-in-one dish from the German part of Switzerland. It is a mix of grated cheese with potatoes, macaroni, cheese, cream and onions. This is baked in the oven and served with fried onion rings and a stewed apple sauce on top.

You may have had muesli for breakfast before, but did you know that it was invented in Switzerland around 1900, by a Dr Maximilian Bircher-Benner? Birchműesli – a mix of rolled oat flakes, fruit, nuts, lemon juice and condensed milk. It’s not only eaten at breakfast but sometimes in the evening, too.

Try out some of the above dishes or satisfy your cravings for Indian and vegetarian food.

Swiss dining

  • À la carte Restaurant Spannort – Dorfstrasse 28, 6391 Engelberg
  • Alpenclub – Dorfstrasse 5, 6390 Engelberg
  • Alpstübli – Trübsee, 6390 Engelberg
  • Bänklialp – Bänklialpweg 25, 6390 Engelberg

Vegetarian dining

  • Coop Restaurant – Titliszentrum 5, 6390 Engelberg
  • Hess by Braunerts – Dorfstrasse 50, 6390 Engelberg
  • La Strega, Ramada Hotel Regina Titlis – Dorfstrasse 33, 6390 Engelberg
  • Schweizerhaus – Dorfstrasse 33, 6390 Engelberg
  • Yucatan – Bahnhofstrasse 10, 6390 Engelberg

Indian dining

  • Spice Bazaar – Dorfstrasse 48, 6390 Engelberg
  • Chandra restaurant – Terracestrasse 33, 6390 Engelberg
  • Gasthaus Grafenort – 6388 Grafenort